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Entries open March 4th 11am PST!

June 3rd UpDog Crossover Crown


June 4th Disc Dog Seminar


Saturday June 3rd Crossover Crown Trial Details:

UpDog Crossover Crown is a world-wide competition including UpDog Crossover games Funkey, Frizgility and Seven Up that can be played any weekend in June. Scores will be uploaded by each local club, and the UpDog BITE CLUB team combines all scores to find the top Crossover game teams and clubs in the world! 

(If you played in our Bite Club or Triple Crown before it’s the same concept!)

We have also added Greedy, TimeWarp and 4 Way Play.

Sunday June 4th Disc Dog Seminar Details:

Foundations - Morning 

Whether your completely new to disc or want to brush up on your overall skills this one’s for you!

This portion of the seminar is suitable for all skill levels! 

Disc dog discussion/Q&A

Learn and improve basic throws

UpDog game info and strategies 

Disc related problem solving

Freestyle - Afternoon

Christina and her Border Collie Max (who just happens to be blind - as shown in cover photo!) are proof that freestyle can be for everyone! It’s all about showcasing the relationship between you and your dog! 

UpDog Freestyle components

Build and remember a freestyle routine

Tricks and vaults 

Unique throwing techniques 

Registration Information:

Registration will open March 4th at 11am.

There will be two separate sign up forms for seminar and trial.

Set your alarm this will likely fill up quickly! 

UpDog Crossover Crown Trial:

18$ per run.

Disc Dog Seminar:

There are two sessions - Morning & Afternoon

Working Spots AM/PM - $87.50 per session

Audit Spots AM/PM - 50$ per session 

Full Day Working Spot - 175$

Full Day Audit Spot - 100$ 

Full Day Working/Audit Spot Combo - $137.50

We recommend Working Spots for those who have a good catch and retrieve with their dog but all skill levels are welcome to attend! You can mix and match Audit/Working Spots as you wish to create your perfect disc filled day!

Audit Spot - Bring your discs but not your dog! (Unlimited Spots)

Working Spot - Bring your discs AND your dog! (Max 12 per session)

*Both Working and Audits will participate in throwing practices*

**You may sign up for any combination of Working and/or Audit Spots and attend either a full or half day!**

Pizza lunch will be included for Full Day participants.

We are happy to answer any questions you may still have!

June 3/4 2023: Text
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